Acc Soft


This is company management software. Every company try to manage their company with minimum effort and manpower. Also they want one solution, which can provide all kind of facility starting from recruiting people to managing their account and HR. This product is right for them. This is the best software, for small business and contractors to manage their company. This software would be available online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


In Accsoft we were trying to integrate all kind of company management solution under one roof. So that every company can manage their company with handy solution online from anywhere in the world no matter where they are.


Some of the key features are as follows:

  • One solution from start to end of your business.
  • Integrated with HMRC.
  • HR Management
  • Training Management
  • Admin Management
  • VAT management/Filling
  • Self Assessment Filling.
  • Supplier and Client Management
  • Secure Payment Gateway.
  • Total solution for business account management.
  • Has special feature for contractors.
  • Help to maintain Client as well as Suppliers.
  • Customization benefit of all kind.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fully Secured Data Access mechanism.
  • Best Reports to see your business growth.


Many contractors and small-scale companies started using it and they are very satisfied.


Every company has a big challenge to manage their company in a short and simple way with less manual intervention. Company has many things to do like HR, Admin, Training, Account, HMRC filling, VAT filling, Self Assessment Filling etc, their were not a singe solution available in the market who can provide all kind of facility under one software product, we tried it and made the success.


Using this software one person can manage whole company with single click. This software gives facility to manage human resources, who include recruiting people to provide training them and use as technology resources. It has Administration management facility, which help to mange their office administration section with tracking incoming call and manage business enquiries. It has supplier and client management, which simplifies the buying and selling the product to various companies. You can get the list of supplier and choose them to buy your product by reviewing their quote for the supply. This software is integrated with all government services like VAT filling, self-assessment, annual return etc you can atomise these services so that they can work with manual intervention when the schedule is due. After all not last but the least, it provide extensive graphical reporting system with charts to show progress of your company.


  1. Hardware : 2GH CPU, 516MB RAM, 3 GB HDD
  2. Software : Windows OS with IIS 6.0, .net Framework 3.5, MS SQL Server 2000 or later.