Understanding that poorly tested releases result in unexpected issues for customers, Ni-Lux offers a wide range of software QA services, including but not limited to Unit, Functional, Load, Integration Testing along with Test Automation. We employ time- and result-proven testing processes and methodologies to ensure the quality, usability and scalability of software applications.

Ni-Lux provides not only pure testing itself, but a complete Quality Assurance (QA) service line. Our offshore QA Department uses a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality solutions. In our dedicated QA team we have well educated specialists, who have expertise in multiple technologies, platforms and standards. We provide a full range of Quality Assurance services including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes. We are also able to fully test product functionality, user-friendliness, performance, stability and many other aspects.

The company-wide quality approach places an emphasis on four aspects :-

  • Elements such as controls, job management, adequate processes, performance and integrity criteria and identification of records
  • Competence such as knowledge, skills, experience, qualifications
  • Soft elements, such as personnel integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit and quality relationships.
  • Infrastructure (as it enhances or limits functionality)

Key Quality Assurance(QA) services:

  • Reviewing : Software Requirements, System Specifications, Project Plan, Software Architecture
  • Software Testing : Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Configuration Testing, Installation and Configuration Testing, System and Integration Testing, Code Inspections, Accessibility Testing, Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing : GUI Testing, Design Review
  • System Testing : Security Testing, Testing Automation, Supplemented documentation quality control, Internal Audits
  • Custom Quality Assurance : services required by each client.