College Management System simplifies managing the administrative process of Institutes and Training Academies. This software helps manage Student, Teacher, Courses, Batches, Fees, Attendance, and Marks.

Provides easy reports like Outstanding fees, Marks, Attendance etc. This is a MUST HAVE software for all coaching institutes.

The product is very easy to use and considers that most operators are not technology savvy people or typical geeks.

The software guarantees saving of money and time for owners apart from organizing the institute information. You can streamline the coaching institute business.

It maintains all data’s of users, student detail, fee details, booking details, payment details.


Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Quick to do
  • No need to travel anywhere (to keep records on your computers).
  • Real time process
  • Could be cheaper
  • All facilites Payment Gateway.
  • Customization benefit of all kind.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fully Secured Data Access mechanism.
  • Best Reports to see your each feature.
  • Effective search engine optimization solution.


Many colleges or all Coaching Institute can use this product to reach their customers with end-to-end connectivity.


Every colleges or all Coaching Institute has challenge to reach their customer and fast process services with easy interface and strong secure communication media.


We have analysed many website and observe the same kind of features of dating website or matrimony website but no one has both the solution in one. We have developed this product for one solution for matrimony as well as dating website. This product has most customization feature developed by Ni-Lux.


  1. Hardware : 2GH CPU, 516MB RAM, 3 GB HDD
  2. Software : Windows OS with IIS 6.0, .net Framework 3.5, MS SQL Server 2000 or later.