Ni-Lux Software offers a broad range of software development and consulting services.

Most, though not all of our work, is project-based. Sometimes these projects are triggered by a crisis of some kind.

Sometimes we are hired by companies wishing to come to market, or by companies subject to regulatory investigation.

In each case our goal is the same, to help our clients to enhance their reputations by communicating better, thereby helping to create more value for their shareholders and other stakeholders, and achieving their business goals more quickly and more sustainable.

Our goal is always same for our entire clients, to provide quality services inline with process in cost effective manner. Which we are delivering through our three consultancy services.

Resource Providing

In this we work for client either directly or indirectly to provide extraordinary skills requirement for delivering extra high demand of quality to their clients.

We were working with UK government client, and it gives us immense pleasure to deliver same kind of services to our other client too.

Screening Resources

We have some special mechanism to screening candidates with their Analytical, Logical and Technology skills.

Our profession with extra high skill set and researcher with innovative solution help us to go beyond client satisfaction to deliver solutions.

Offshore Support

It's a part of outsourcing service, but very helpful and cost effective solutions for any level of business.

With cost effectiveness, we also bind to deliver quality service with client supporting Quality standards.

We mean to develop long term relationship rather than short-term goal, which goes until success of particular service and beyond. That’s why, once the client work with us, they like to work again and again.