Job World


This is Job website with extraordinary features. This product supports worldwide job posting and recruitment solution. Has in-build HR system to monitor progress of applications and keep track of employment for all the candidates you have short-listed.


We had only one goal at the time of developing this software was, make this product as a worldwide solution for recruitment with HR solutions features. Another thing was continuously monitored and made success was performance of this software.


Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Easy Job posting, Job search.
  • Employer management
  • Resume/CV maker
  • Newsletter as well as Job Posting
  • Job Basket feature.
  • Customization feature for all employers.
  • Security with confidential terms for candidate as well as employer.
  • Profile Management
  • Administration Management
  • Secure Payment Gateway.
  • Customization benefit of all kind.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fully Secured Data Access mechanism.
  • Best Reports to see your each feature.
  • Portable, Reusable, Integrated with web services.
  • Advertisement management. Pay per click solution.


All company use to have their own HR system to manage their recruitment. Jobworld system helps to minimize their effort with above extensive feature of this system.


  1. Hardware : 2GH CPU, 516MB RAM, 3 GB HDD
  2. Software : Windows OS with IIS 6.0, .net Framework 3.5, MS SQL Server 2000 or later.