Ni-Lux e-COM

E commerce Solution

This is an E-commerce Solution containing a website and 2 content management systems to maintain the Admin of the site and the inventory for the site.E-commerce package can be customized for most payment gateways and will track and report these transactions for your records. It also gives you truly global selling options with easy to configure currency and tax features.

  • Accept credit card payments online (Pay Pal account or merchant account required).
  • Use the Traditional or One-Page Checkout methods.
  • Manage what locations appear to your customers as options.
  • Supports Secure Transactions (SSL).
  • Advanced tax module supports multiple taxes (including VAT).
  • Apply taxes based on delivery or billing destination.
  • Complete order management system (view, approve, backorder, print orders).
  • Automated Order Confirmations (Email).
  • Unlimited Products and Orders.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Receive inventory alerts if quantity drops below pre-determined levels.
  • Allow customers to select product viewing options.

Store Administration

Content Management System (CMS) which is used for store operations such as managing the products in organizing them under different Brands/categories, organizing them as sale, women specific, what’s New etc; and Managing Orders providing support to dispatch section.

Features of Content Management System:

  • Organizing products in the Hierarchy.
  • The placement of those products.
  • Maintaining the Image Library for the products.
  • The grouping of products into families.
  • Maintenance of orders.
  • The statuses of the orders.

Site Administration

Content Management System (CMS) which functions as a back-end solution for websites. In simple words it is an editor system, which enables non-technical staff of organisations or companies to insert, change or edit their website on a need to do basis, with an individualist approach.

Features of Content Management System:

  • The Administration of the site.
  • The Static content of the site.
  • Advertising Images/flash in the Site.
  • The Site Navigation.
  • User Group Maintenance.
  • Mailing List.
  • News Letter

The eCommerce Solution combines rapid implementation capability with industry leading flexibility, ensuring a high return on investment. 80% of the functionality comes 'out of the box', leaving only 20% to be customized.


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  1. Hardware : 2GH CPU, 516MB RAM, 3 GB HDD
  2. Software : Windows OS with IIS 6.0, .net Framework 3.5, MS SQL Server 2000 or later.